Tara C. Johnson’s Biography

Master Certified Lifestyle & Wellness Coach

As a wife and mother of 2 active girls, I completely understand being in the burnout phase of your life. I was so focused on being at every event, maintaining my home and making sure that everyone was happy that I completely forgot about my personal health, desires and dreams.

Working a full-time job and then coming home just to volunteer for numerous events led to some serious health scares and mental exhaustion. It was there in the hospital that I realized I had to start living for me.

Licensed Respiratory Therapist

The moment I started to take time to find myself again, everything else flowed so easily. I was able to accomplish tasks more efficiently, set boundaries where needed and find true enjoyment in what I was giving to everyone else. It then became a joy instead of a chore.

I was so moved with my transformation that I wanted to share this platform with other women who shared the same story as me. While still practicing Respiratory Therapy, I began my journey in Health and Wellness with a focus on Women’s Wellness. As women are lives can be completely different but in the end we are all the same. I genuinely want everyone to Actively Live in Victory and Empowerment.


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